Are You Part of a High Functioning Herd?

cows in field

Your environment has the ability to either help or hinder your progress, both personally and professionally.  The people we spend time with can deeply impact our overall performance and success.    If you’ve ever heard of the “herd mentality”, you will understand that all humans are wired for safety, security and belonging. This comes from…

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Designing an Office Space for Creativity

Herd Coworking Warragul yellow chairs with plants and stairs

Designing a space for Creativity – natural light, plants, warm colours, background noise, diverse stimulus. Creativity is becoming more and more important in the workplace. With competition between companies always increasing, and technology replacing many traditional work tasks, creativity has become a highly valued employee skill. Mistakingly, people often think that creativity is something that…

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Types of Coworking Spaces

Coworking for women

Coworking is defined as an office space where people are co-located and there’s a focus specifically on collaboration and community. Typically, coworking spaces include aspects such as shared desks or hot desks, private office options, meeting rooms and event spaces, shared kitchen area, printing facilities, high-speed internet and video conferencing equipment. At some of the…

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Humans of Herd Coworking

Herd Coworking space entrance and main hot desks

One of the most common questions we get asked is “Who uses a coworking space?” While in the city, coworking spaces are usually inhabited with startups and freelancers, our space is used a bit differently. We’re proud to have many different types of people use our office space, some of which include: Startups and entrepreneurs…

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Why Warragul for Coworking?

Cowes in a field warragul for coworking

At first glance, Warragul might seem like an unlikely place to set up a coworking space. However, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll quickly find that it’s the perfect location for this kind of collaborative and affordable office type.   There are a few things that make Warragul ripe for coworking:   Strong startup…

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